BSc Pharmacy Program

Academic Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements for Admission - September 2014

Prerequisite Courses required for admission:

Applicants must have completed 1st year courses from an accredited university, or a recognized university-transfer college program, in Biology, Chemistry, English, Calculus Math and Physics. You can also view this information as a downloadable PDF by clicking here.

The specific courses required for applicants from UBC are:

Biology BIOL 112 (or MICB 201), plus BIOL 121 and BIOL 140
Chemistry CHEM 111 & 113, or CHEM 121 & 123
English 1st year (6 credits), or SCIE 113 plus 3 credits of 1st year ENGL. (ENGL 112 is recommended)
Mathematics MATH 102 (recommended) or one of MATH 100, 104, 120, 180, or 184; plus MATH 103 (recommended) or MATH 101, 105, or 121
Physics PHYS 101 (NO longer required for 2015)

Also acceptable are the UBC Science One program (plus 6 credits of 1st year English) and the Coordinated Science Program (General Science Option) (plus 6 credits of 1st year English).

The specific courses required for applicants from UBC-Okanagan are:

Biology BIOL 1121, 116, 125 9
Chemistry CHEM 121/1232 or CHEM 111/1133 6
English Two of ENGL 112, 114, 150, 151, 153 6
Mathematics MATH 100/101 6
Physics PHYS 112/1224 or 1115 (NO longer required for 2015) 3/6
  Total 30/33

1BIOL 228 is an acceptable equivalent for BIOL 112.
2For students with a minimum of 67% in Chemistry 12.
3For students without a minimum of 67% in Chemistry 12.
4For students without Physics 12.
5For students with Physics 12.

Non-UBC applicants without these specific UBC courses need to present a full year each (i.e. 2 semesters) of:

  • First-year university Biology with a lab*
  • First-year university Chemistry with a lab
  • First-year university English (for which UBC gives transfer credit)
  • First-year university Calculus, and
  • First-year university Physics with a lab. Or, also acceptable, is a one-semester Physics course that has a prerequisite requirement of PHYS 12, and that includes a lab. (NO longer required for 2015)

*If admitted, these non-UBC applicants may need to register in BIOL 112 if they have insufficient background for second year Microbiology. Students who have any doubts about their preparedness for the first-year Pharmacy program should consult an advisor at or telephone 604-822-0344.

Non-UBC students taking courses in BC may consult the BC Transfer Guide at


To assist students further, we have available a list of course equivalencies from other institutions which will satisfy the First Year Pharmacy prerequisite requirements at: List of Course Equivalencies from Other Institutions.

(Please note that this list is not complete, and may not list the course/institution you have attended or currently attending, therefore, please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.)

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