Pharmacy Practice Residency Program

Royal Columbian Hospital

Residency Positions: 5 Start Date(s): May and June

Residency Program Coordinator: Dr. Edward C. Dillon, BA., BSc., BSc(Pharm), ACPR, PharmD
Royal Columbian Hospital
330 East Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 3W7

Phone: (604) 520-4259
Fax: (604) 520-4845

Residency Program Director:
Dr. Adil Virani, B.Sc(Pharm), PharmD., FCSHP

Regional Pharmacy Director:
Dr. Shallen Letwin, B.Sc(Pharm), PharmD., FCSHP

The Fraser Health Authority (FHA) is located immediately east of the city of Vancouver. It is served by Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre, Burnaby Hospital, Chilliwack General Hospital, Delta Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Fraser Canyon Hospital, Langley Memorial Hospital, Mission Hospital, Peace Arch Hospital, Queen's Park Hospital, Ridge Meadows Hospital, Roya Columbian Hospital & Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Pharmacy Residents in the FHA do their rotations primarily at Abbotsford Regional, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Eagle Ridge, Langley, Peace Arch, Ridge Meadows, Royal Columbian & Surrey Memorial Hospitals; but depending on their interests may be given the opportunity to do rotations in the community as well.

Number of Positions for 2010-11: FIVE

The program has staggered starts in May & June of each year.

Who are we?

Abbotsford Regional Hospital (ARH) and Cancer Centre (ACC) is BC's newest hospital and opened in August 2008. It has two distinct pharmacy departments. The ARH pharmacy operated by Fraser Health is responsible for the medication needs of the 261 acute care beds and serves 330,000 residents of the eastern Fraser Valley. The ARH pharmacy department services include antibiotic and narcotic IV additive service for all adult patients, chemotherapy for admitted patients, total parenteral nutrition, a home IV therapy program, and automated medication cabinets with total order entry medication distribution system. Clinical services are provided by teams of ward based pharmacists who have offices on the units. Clinical service areas include an outpatient anticoagulation program, medicine, acute care of the elderly, oncology, tertiary palliative care, cardiology, intensive care, general surgery, hemodialysis, neonatal ICU, pediatrics, maternity, and residential care. Pharmacy residents participate in the twice weekly resident rounds, weekly grand rounds, kinetic monitoring of selected drugs, medication histories and reconciliation, pharmaceutical care and discharge counseling.

Burnaby Hospital (BH) is a 450-bed primary and secondary care centre that serves the communities of Burnaby and east Vancouver. Distribution services provided at this university-affiliated hospital include a computerized system to provide centralized, traditional drug distribution to the acute care and long term care areas; total parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy and a full CIVA service. Clinical services include general medicine, surgery, critical care (ICU, CCU, ER), oncology, obstetrics, pediatrics, palliative care and ambulatory care. Family practice residents rotate throughout the various patient care areas. The Emergency Department sees approximately 60,000 patients annually.

Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) is a community hospital with 133 acute care beds that provides care to residents in the communities of Chilliwack, Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs. The CGH Pharmacy Department also provides pharmacy services to Fraser Canyon Hospital in Hope (10 acute beds) and approximately 240 long-term care beds in Chilliwack and Hope. Services provided include CIVA, adult TPN, complete order entry using the Meditech computer system, daily multidose rolls to long-term care patients, and traditional dispensing using unit dosed medications and wardstock for acute care patients. Clinical services are provided to ICU/ Critical Care and Emergency; selective clinical services are provided to general medicine, general surgery, telemetry, subacute, maternity, palliative care, psychiatry and long-term care patients. The hospital has an affiliation with the University of British Columbia and has third year medical students/ family practice residents covering various patient care areas.

Delta Hospital (DH) consists of 50 acute care and 96 residential care beds plus a 24 hour Emergency department with an additional 20 beds. The pharmacy department provides 7 day/week service from 0800-1830 weekdays and 0830 to 1630 on weekends and stats. The drug distribution system is a combination of personal prescription and minimal ward stock with 100% order entry. Automated medication cabinets are approved for 2010. Clinical monitoring is provided on a daily basis. In addition pharmacists attend multidisciplinary rounds daily in acute care and weekly in residential care. Due to a fortunate municipal bylaw, there is no charge for parking at Delta Hospital.

Eagle Ridge Hospital (ERH) has 84 acute care beds and 75 residential care beds that serve the communities of Tri-cities which include Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody as well as Anmore and Belcarra with a population of 200,000. Emergency admissions climbed to 37,000/yr. ERH also offers a state of the art Unit Dose Distribution system, a total IV admixture program and a computerized medication administration system. It services 2 hospice units. ERH added a 5th OR in 2003 & a 6th OR in 2004. A monitored care unit was opened in 2004. Clinical service is currently provided but not limited to residential care, surgery, general medicine, emergency, rehabilitation, and home IV patients.

Langley Memorial Hospital (LMH) is a mid-sized community hospital serving a population of over 110,000 people in the community of Langley, British Columbia. The hospital has 190 acute care beds and 225 extended care beds. The Pharmacy Department utilizes computerized order entry and provides unit dose drug distribution, central IV admixture and TPN. Clinical pharmacy services include renal drug monitoring, drug interaction monitoring, total parenteral nutrition, patient care rounding, medication teaching, kinetic dosing, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug order review, and drug information support for care providers. Clinical pharmacists are actively involved in the following areas: General Medicine, ER, ICU and Telemetry, Surgical Orthopedics, Outpatient IV Program, Home IV Program, Palliative Care, and Extended Care services.

Peace Arch Hospital (PAH) is a community hospital that services patients from the communities of White Rock and South Surrey. It has 175 acute care beds and 300 extended care beds. Services provided include emergency, geriatrics, palliative, maternity, medicine and general surgery, as well as a small intensive care unit. There are outpatient medical and surgical daycare programs, an outpatient geriatrics program, a chronic disease clinic and a busy emergency department. The pharmacy department is actively involved in all aspects of patient care, from pharmacokinetic evaluations to patient teaching to all other aspects of pharmaceutical care. Pharmacists are involved in ward rounds, teaching UBC students, residents and PharmD candidates, protocol development and various clinics and inservices. Since Peace Arch Hospital is a community hospital, the pharmacists are relied upon for helping to tailor patient medication regimens and for being experts for medication advice.

Queen's Park Care Centre (QPCC) is a multi-level care site of 261 beds that has been serving New Westminster and surrounding communities for 30 years. Over the years, QPCC has evolved from a primarily long-term care facility to a campus of interdisciplinary teams of caregivers that provide a range of services - from long-term Residential Care to Medical Sub Acute care and a range of Outpatient Geriatric Services. Recently it has added a Convalescent Care Program, as well as a Rehabilitation Sub Acute Program. Also on the campus is a hospice unit and complex care unit (William Rudd House) that is home to physically disabled young adults. The Sub Acute Programs receive patients from Royal Columbian Hospital, and as such, many patients present with acute medical, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular conditions. As the majority of patients at QPCC are older adults, pharmacists provide discharge counselling in regards to medication management as well as streamline medications in a population more prone to polypharmacy. Key roles for the pharmacists include attending medical rounds and providing a targeted drug monitoring service. Dispensary services are done through a unit-dose system and a computerized medication administration record. Other clinical programs include patient self-medication, patient teaching, and a pharmokinetic dosing service.

Ridge Meadows Hospital (RMH) has 104 acute care beds and 150 residential care beds that serve the communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows with an approximate population of 80,451 (2002) and a projected population by 2011 as 99,940. On the distribution side, RMH pharmacy offers a state of the art Total Unit Dose Distribution System (acute and residential care), total IV admixture program, total parenteral nutrition, outpatient antibiotics program, outpatient oncology services and a computerized medication administration system. Clinical services has been a progressive process at RMH which covers areas such as surgery, general medicine, transitional care, palliative care, psychiatry, maternity, pediatrics, intensive care as well as residential care. In addition, outpatient services provided by pharmacy include an active chemotherapy program, and home IV. RMH has a sound rapport with physicians and are able to do outpatient warfarin dosing, as well as pharmacists initiated IV to PO Step Down.

Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH) has 400 acute care beds that serve the communities of New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam. It is the acute care referral centre for the Lower Mainland east of the Vancouver City Border. Services provided include a total IV additive service for non-critical care areas, cancer chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition, a computerized medication administration system as well as traditional dispensing using the direct physicians order form and ward stock. Clinical programs include attendance at daily intensive care, emergency, general surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics and neonatology rounds, twice-weekly pharmacy resident rounds, weekly pharmacy rounds, selective drug monitoring, patient teaching, drug utilization evaluations, a pharmacokinetic dosing service and formal pharmacology grand rounds. Due to its close proximity to the freeway and industrial areas, the hospital has one of the busiest emergency departments in Western Canada seeing over 65,000 patients annually. The hospital also has an affiliation with the University of British Columbia and has medical residents covering the various patient care areas.

Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) is the 2nd largest hospital in BC with over 400 acute care beds and 200 residential care beds serving the rapidly growing city of Surrey as well as the neighboring communities. It is a tertiary care centre for critical care and cancer care and is a regional referral centre for specialized pediatrics and maternity care. Our neonatal intensive care unit will be expanding from 18 to 48 bassinettes by 2011 as part of our tertiary perinatal program. SMH also has the busiest emergency department in BC with over 71,000 visits annually. Due to this high demand the emergency department will be expanding from its current 25 beds to 75 beds in our new state-of-the-art Emergency Centre set to open in 2010. The hospital has an affiliation with the University of British Columbia and has medical residents covering various patient care areas. Drug distribution services provided include a total IV admixture service for non-critical care areas, cancer chemotherapy for adults and pediatrics, total parenteral nutrition, hospital-wide computerized medication administration system with traditional dispensing for acute care and 35-day blister-packed medication for residential care. Clinical pharmacists at SMH provide patient care and participate in patient care rounds for general medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, intensive care, emergency, renal dialysis, neonatal intensive care and pediatrics, HIV clinic, psychiatry, rehab medicine and oncology/palliative care. Other clinical services include target therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacist warfarin dosing service, drug utilization evaluations, and pharmacokinetic dosing service.

The Pharmacy Practice Residency Program in the FHA has been accredited by the Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board (CHPRB) and is structured according to the CHPRB standards to provide an experiential learning environment using practitioner role models so that the necessary skills, knowledge, and values required to be a patient care practitioner can be acquired and applied by the resident in the provision of exemplary patient care.

The FHA offers FIVE pharmacy practice residency positions: The program begins in May or June of each year. The resident will be exposed to all activities performed by both staff and supervisory pharmacists within the specified rotations.

FH Pharmacy Practice Residents are offered a service contract after being matched to the program; & if the service contract is agreed to, are expected to work in the FHA for @ least a year after their FH Pharmacy Practice Residency program is successfully completed. A FH Pharmacy Practice Resident may decline to sign the service contract option & still obtain a first class residency program experience.

If the Pharmacy Resident is matched to receive his/her training with FHA AND accept the service contract, the Pharmacy Resident will receive a repayable salary of $30,000, which will be forgiven or recoverable as stated below. In addition to the repayable salary, the resident will have their tuition fee ($17,000) waived and will receive an additional $20,000 in non-repayable salary as stated in the letter of offer. The amount of the repayable salary $30,000 and the $20,000 in non-repayable salary (total of $50,000) will be paid to the Pharmacy Resident in installments (as determined by Fraser Health Payroll Services) less applicable statutory deductions and income tax. Should the Pharmacy Resident terminate his/her residency at any time during the twelve month period, the above payments will cease and the Resident will owe to FHA any amounts received from the $30,000 repayable salary, as well as the full amount of the $17,000 tuition fee.

Once the Pharmacy Resident successfully completes his/her training, the FHA agrees to employ the Pharmacy Resident in a full-time position as a Clinical Pharmacist (Pharmacist II) immediately upon completion of the training. For clarity, in or around February of each year, the current Pharmacy Residents will be given an opportunity to select from, and apply to, available positions within the Fraser Health Pharmacy Services. Every attempt will be made to match the Pharmacy Residents to available positions that they have selected. In the event that the Pharmacy Resident has not secured an available regular position within Fraser Health by March 30 of each year, then Fraser Health Pharmacy Services will, at their option, allocate a position to the Pharmacy Resident following successful completion of their training to a current vacancy.

Preceptors & Rotations for 2009-2010 (updated 7 July 2009)

Preceptor Rotation Location Duration
Dr. Allison Alleyne Neurology SMH 4 weeks
Ms. Mubina Allidina General Medicine ARH 4 weeks
Ms. Carla Ambrosini Geriatric Clinic-Community Surrey 4 weeks
Ms. Chelsea Argent General Medicine RCH 4 weeks
Ms. Sanjeev Bains Medication Management-Community (PAH) 4 weeks
Ms. Lori Blain Geriatrics-Acute & Residential Care PAH 4 weeks
Dr. Susan Buchkowsky Emergency Medicine PAH 4 weeks
Mr. Jerry Casanova Distribution LMH 4 weeks
Dr. Sandra Chang Infectious Diseases SMH 4 weeks
Ms. Clarissa Cheng Oncology BH 4 weeks
Dr. Frances Chow Pediatrics/Neonatology RCH 4 weeks
Dr. Sue Corrigan Psychiatry SMH 4 weeks
Ms. Peggy Dang Medication Management - Community Tri-cities 4 weeks
Ms. Ann Davidson Distribution PAH 4 weeks
Ms. Ann Davidson General Surgery PAH 4 weeks
Dr. Edward Dillon Pharmaceutical Care RCH 4 weeks
Dr. Jane Dumontet Psychiatry RH 4 weeks
Dr. Bob Gillies Critical Care SMH 4 weeks
Dr. Wendy Gordon Cardiology RCH 4 weeks
Mr. Jason Gore General Medicine RMH 4 weeks
Mr. Jason Gore Distribution RMH 4 weeks
Ms. Janet Kadota Geriatrics - Residential Care RMH 4 weeks
Ms. Suman Kainth Medication Management-Community (BH) 4 weeks
Dr. Elaine Kam Geriatrics-Acute & Residential Care PAH 4 weeks
Mr. Bruce Kennedy Palliative Care-Community (SMH) 4 weeks
Mr. Dwayne Kimoto Distribution ARHCC 4 weeks
Mr. Gordon Klammer Cardiology ARHCC 4 weeks
Dr. Anisha Lakhani Drug Use Evaluation SMH 4 weeks
Dr. Bruce Lange Nephrology-Community (RCH) 4 weeks
Mr. Jonathan Lau Distribution BH 4 weeks
Mr. Raymond Lee Distribution RCH 4 weeks
Dr. May Leung Emergency Medicine SMH 4 weeks
Dr. Shallen Letwin Administration SSF 2 weeks
Dr. Jennifer Haymond Cardiology RCH 4 weeks
Dr. Anita Lo Distribution ERH/RMH 4 weeks
Dr. Chris Lo Intensive Care/Telemetry LMH 4 weeks
Mr. Michael Louie Academic Detailing Port Moody 4 weeks
Mr. Matthew Lum Geriatrics-Residential Care ERH 4 weeks
Dr. Vincent Mabasa Intensive Care/Critical Care RCH 4 weeks
Dr. James MacCormack Didactics-Literature Evaluation BH 2 weeks
Dr. Doug Malyuk Intensive Care/Infectious Diseases RCH 4 weeks
Dr. Judith Marin Nephrology-Community (SMH) 4 weeks
Mr. Bruce Millin Administration SSF 2 weeks
Mr. Bruce Millin Leadership Introduction SSF 4 weeks
Mr. Mits Miyata Administration SSF 2 weeks
Ms. Linda Morris Administration SSF 2 weeks
Ms. Janice Munroe Medication Safety SSF 4 weeks
Ms. Brandi Newby Pediatrics SMH 4 weeks
Ms. Navida Noorani General Medicine ERH 4 weeks
Ms. Sue North Palliative Care-Community P. Moody 4 weeks
Ms. Connie Paiero de Anaya Distribution SMH 4 weeks
Mr. Moonir Ramji Medication Management-Community SMH 4 weeks
Ms. Eve Sample Palliative Care-Community (BH) 4 weeks
Mr. Chris Sauder General Medicine PAH 4 weeks
Ms. Tina Sekhon General Medicine RCH 4 weeks
Ms. Joanne Swanston General Medicine RCH 4 weeks
Dr. Anthony Taddei Emergency Medicine RCH 4 weeks
Dr. Suzanne Taylor Ministry of Health New Westminster / Victoria 4 weeks
Dr. Aaron Tejani Didactics-Literature Evaluation BH 2 weeks
Dr. Aaron Tejani Evidence Based Medicine BH 2 weeks
Dr. Debbie Thompson Psychiatry-Community (LMH) 4 weeks
Mr. Dale Toews General Medicine ARHCC 4 weeks
Ms. Angela Tong General Medicine BH 4 weeks
Ms. Angela Tong Geriatrics - Residential Care BH 4 weeks
Dr. Gordon Tse Geriatrics-Residential Care-Psychiatry QPCC 4 weeks
Dr. Kiran Ubhi Geriatrics-Residential Care RMH 4 weeks
Ms. Amber Uhrich General Medicine CGH 4 weeks
Ms. Anne Vojt Administration SSF 2 weeks
Dr. Adil Virani Administration SSF 2 weeks
Ms. Jenifer Wan Oncology/Ambulant Care RCH 4 weeks
Dr. John Warkentin Pediatrics/Neonatal Intensive Care ARH 4 weeks
Ms. Vivian Yih Academic Detailing Surrey 4 weeks
Ms. Anna Yuen Critical Care RCH 4 weeks
Ms. Anna Yuen Drug Use Evaluation RCH 4 weeks
Ms. Kris Zutter Distribution CGH 4 weeks

Location Key:

ARHCC => Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre
BH => Burnaby Hospital
CGH => Chilliwack General Hospital
DH => Delta Hospital
ERH => Eagle Ridge Hospital (Port Moody)
LMH => Langley Memorial Hospital
PAH => Peace Arch Hospital (White Rock)
QPCC => Queen's Park Care Centre (New Westminster)
RCH => Royal Columbian Hospital (New Westminster)
RH => Riverview Hospital (Coquitlam)
RMH => Ridge Meadows Hospital (Maple Ridge)
SMH => Surrey Memorial Hospital
SSF => Shared Services Facility (Langley)

What does the FH Pharmacy Practice Residency year look like?

Compulsory Rotations

32 Weeks: (You may choose one preceptor when there is more than one)

Administration: 2 wks

Shallen Letwin, PharmD (SSF)
Bruce Millin, BSc.Pharm (SSF)
Mits Miyata, BSc.Pharm (SSF)
Linda Morris, BSc.Pharm (SSF)
Adil Virani, PharmD (SSF)
Anne Vojt, BSc.Pharm (SSF)

Cardiology: 4 wks

Wendy Gordon, PharmD (RCH)
Gordon Klammer, BSc.Pharm (ARHCC)
Jennifer Haymond, PharmD (RCH)

Didactic Lectures/Kinetics: 2 wks in July @ various hospitals

Aaron Tejani, PharmD
James MacCormack, PharmD

Emergency Medicine: 4 wks

Susan Buchkowsky, PharmD (PAH)
May Leung, PharmD (SMH)
Anthony Taddei, PharmD (RCH)
Amber Uhrich, BSP, ACPR (CGH)

Evidence Based Medicine: 2 wks @ BH

Aaron Tejani, PharmD

General Medicine: 4 wks

Mubina Allidina, BSc(Pharm) (ERH)
Chelsea Argent, BSc(Pharm) (RCH)
Jason Gore, BSc.Pharm (RMH)
Navida Noorani, BSc.Pharm (ERH)
Chris Sauder, BSc.Pharm (PAH)
Tina Sekhon, BScPharm (RCH)
Joanne Swanston, BSc.Pharm (RCH)
Dale Toews, BSc.Pharm (ARHCC)
Angela Tong, BSc(Pharm) (BH)

Pharmaceutical Care: 4 wks @ RCH

Ed Dillon, PharmD

Pharmacy Distribution -Centralized Clinical Support & Information Management: 4 wks

Jerry Casanova BSc.Pharm (LMH)
Ann Davidson, BSc.Pharm (PAH)
Jason Gore, BSc(Pharm) (RMH)
Dwayne Kimoto, BSc.Pharm (ARHCC)
Jonathan Lau, BSc(Pharm) (BH)
Raymond Lee, BScPharm (RCH)
Anita Lo, PharmD / Matthew Lum, BSc(Pharm) / Leslie Ollenberger, BSc(Pharm) (ERH)
Connie Paiero de Anaya, BSc.Pharm (SMH)
Kris Zutter, BSc.Pharm (CGH)

Research/ Project: 4 wks

Member of Staff

Vacation: 2wks


Elective Rotations

Select any/all that add up to 20 wks from: (You also choose one preceptor when there is more than one available)

Academic Detailing: 4 wks

Michael Louie, PharmD (Port Moody)
Vivian Yih, BSc(Pharm) (Surrey)

Critical Care: 4 wks

Robert Gillies, PharmD (SMH)
Anna Yuen, BSc(Pharm) (RCH)

Drug Use Evaluations: 4 wks

Anisha Lakhani, PharmD (SMH)
Anna Yuen, BSc(Pharm) (RCH)

General Surgery: 4 wks

Ann Davidson, BSc. Pharm (PAH)

Geriatrics - Acute & Residential Care: 4 wks @ PAH

Lori Blain, BSc.Pharm
Elaine Kam, PharmD

Geriatrics - Residential Care: 4 wks

Janet Kadota, BSc(Pharm) (RMH)
Matthew Lum, BSc.Pharm (ERH)
Angela Tong, BSc(Pharm) (BH)
Kiran Ubhi, PharmD (RMH)

Geriatrics - Seniors First Health Clinic: 4 wks

Carla Ambrosini, BScPharm (Surrey)

Geriatrics - Residential Care - Psychiatry: 4 wks

Gordon Tse, PharmD (QPCC)

Infectious Disease: 4 wks

Sandra Chang, PharmD (SMH)

Intensive Care/ Infectious Disease/ Microbiology: 4 wks

Vincent Mabasa, PharmD (RCH)
Doug Malyuk, PharmD (RCH)

Intensive Care/ Telemetry: 4 wks

Chris Lo, PharmD (LMH)

Leadership Introduction: 4 wks

Bruce Millin, BSc(Pharm) (SSF)

Medication Management, Community: 4 wks

Sanjeev Bains, BSc.Pharm (PAH)
Peggy Dang, BSc(Pharm) (Tri-cities)
Suman Kainth, BSc.Pharm (BH)
Moonir Ramji, BSc(Pharm) (SMH)

Medication Safety: 4 wks

Janice Munroe, BSc.Pharm (SSF)

Ministry of Health: 4 wks

Suzanne Taylor, PharmD (New Westminster/Victoria)

Nephrology - Community: 4 wks

Bruce Lange, PharmD (RCH)
Judith Marin, PharmD (SMH)

Oncology/Ambulant Care: 4 wks

Jennifer Wan, BSc.Pharm (RCH)

Neurology: 4 wks

Allison Alleyne, PharmD (SMH)

Oncology/Ambulant Care: 4 wks

Clarissa Cheng, BSc(Pharm) (BH)
Jenifer Wan, BSc.Pharm (RCH)

Palliative Care - Community: 4 wks

Bruce Kennedy, BSc.Pharm (SMH)
Sue North, BSc.Pharm (Port Moody)
Eve Sample, BSc.Pharm (BH)

Pediatrics/Neonatology: 4 wks

Frances Chow, PharmD (RCH)
John Warkentin, PharmD (ARH)

Pediatrics/NICU/Maternity: 4 wks

Brandi Newby, BSc.Pharm (SMH)
Claire Fowkes, PharmD (SMH)

Psychiatry: 4 wks

Sue Corrigan, PharmD (SMH)

Psychiatry - Community: 4 wks

Dr. Jane Dumontet, PharmD (RH)
Dr. Debbie Thompson, PharmD (LMH)

Why do a Pharmacy Practice Residency program in FH?

  • Largest BC patient population - The FHA is the most populated health authority in the province. It would be most likely to provide the widest variety of patient care experiences in the province.
  • Accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency program for TWENTY-NINE years - The Pharmacy Department has been training pharmacy residents & technicians for many years. We have the training, experience & know-how to effectively take you to the next level in your professional career.
  • Award-Winning Preceptors - The Pharmacy Department has won teaching awards from the Medical Residents. No other Pharmacy Department in BC can say that. Normally @ the end of each academic year, the medical residents, on rotation @ the various hospitals, would present an annual award to the department that has helped/taught them the most in their growth & development throughout the year. This is normally presented to a division of medicine. However, the pharmacy department has won this award FOUR times since 1990. In addition, Drs. Chow, Gordon & Malyuk have won individual awards for their outstanding excellence in teaching from the medical residents. But their primary teaching responsibilities are to the pharmacy department; so can you imagine what they can do for you when you are their primary focus?
  • Widest variety of practice settings - Pharmacy Practice Residents in FH not only get an opportunity to practice in a big teaching hospital &/or a small community hospital &/or an ambulatory care setting, they also have the opportunity to practice directly in the patient?s home. FH was the first authority in Canada to introduce hospital pharmacy practitioners into the patient?s home setting in order to maintain a patient?s well being & to prevent hospital re-admissions. This precedent setting initiative continues to grow within FH as the program continues to expand. In addition, this wide variety of practice settings would also prepare any graduate to essentially practice anywhere.
  • PharmD practitioners in all critical care areas @ one site - There is no other hospital site in the province that has a PharmD in the Emergency Room, a PharmD in the Coronory Care Unit, a PharmD in the Intensive Care Unit, a PharmD in the Critical Care Unit, a PharmD in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit & a PharmD in the Dialysis Unit. The Royal Columbian Hospital is such a practice site.
  • The top TWO busiest Emergency Rooms in the province - Is the TV program, "ER", making you curious to see if you can cut it as a pharmacy practitioner in this dynamic patient care setting? Well then, the FHA would be the best place for you to do a residency in! The Surrey Memorial Hospital & the Royal Columbian Hospital have the top two busiest emergency rooms in the province. Furthermore, the authority has PharmD practitioners not only in these two ERs; but it also has PharmD practitioners in the ERs @ Burnaby Hospital & Peace Arch Hospital.
  • State of the Art ? Pharmacy Drug Distribution Centre (PDDC) - The PDDC provides 4 main services: bulk CIVA select products, CIVA patient specific services bulk, purchasing services and bulk unit dose packaging services.

Who have we trained?

We are very proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to the growth & development of the following pharmacists:

  • Robert Balen => PharmD
  • Sue Basalyga
  • Monica Beaulieu => MD
  • Jennifer Bolt => PharmD
  • Cameron Bonell
  • Penny Bring => PharmD
  • Anna Callegari - LePatourel Award
  • Angela Chan => MD
  • Maria Chan
  • Robin Cho
  • Frances Chow - Organon Award => PharmD
  • Steve Chong
  • Donna Chui
  • Todd Cooper
  • Karen Curtis
  • Anya Dharmasetia
  • Alan Edwards
  • Rochelle Gellatly => PharmD
  • Daljit Ghag
  • Sunny Gidda
  • Wendy Gordon => PharmD
  • Kristen Harvey
  • Nashreen Hirjee
  • Emily Ho - Upjohn Award
  • Fay Hosseini => PharmD
  • Sarita Jain
  • Terry Jang
  • Megan Jones
  • Michael Kandler
  • Sanjiv Khangura
  • Angus Kinkade
  • Sonia Lalli
  • Peter Lam => PharmD
  • Robert Lam
  • Jonathan Lau
  • Raymond Lee
  • Tim Leung
  • Kim Lew - Organon Award => PharmD
  • Helen Louie - Organon Award
  • Gregory Mah
  • Vincent Mabasa => PharmD
  • Sally Man => PharmD
  • Kevin Mui
  • Jing-Yi Ng
  • Tom Nolan - Pharmacia Award
  • Salvi Parpia - Bristol Award => PharmD
  • Mara Pavan - Upjohn Award
  • Jerrold Perrott => PharmD
  • Moonir Ramji
  • Kristina Saunders
  • Tina (Hara) Sekhon - Top BC Resident Award
  • Richard Slavik => PharmD
  • Sean Spina => PharmD
  • Shelly (Cleaver) Spina - Top BC Resident Award
  • Sunita Stenton => PharmD
  • Greg Streppel
  • Dale Toews
  • Angela Tong
  • Ruth Tsang => PharmD
  • Anthony Tung
  • Charmaine Turner
  • Tessa Valg - Organon Award
  • Madeleen Vanasse - Pharmacia Award
  • Diane Villanyi => MD
  • Bhagwant "Pablo" Virk
  • Jenifer Wan
  • Elisa-Marie (Babor) Weatherby => PharmD
  • Terra (Anderson) Wilson
  • Bonita Yip
  • Flora Young => PharmD
  • Anna (Lau) Yuen
  • Nese Yuksel - Gold Medal Alberta => PharmD
  • Peter Zed - Top BC Resident Award => PharmD
  • Jenie (Le) Zhang
  • Kristol (Dyck) Zutter

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